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Following the news of Charles Manson’s death last night, Marilyn posted a cover of Charles’ song ‘Sick City’

9. But now Frehley is proud to be an example of sobriety. “My greatest days are when I’m doing an autograph session and a guy walks up to me and he says, ‘Hey, I got six months sober because of you.’ Because I used to get fan letters from kids, and they’d say, ‘We heard you smashed up your car. I smashed my car up last week, Ace! What do you think of that?'”

"Perhaps that was one of the paramount reasons for me to finally write the book," he said of his lack of an ear and horrific childhood. "The idea that I can perhaps make someone else’s life a little easier or put a little bit more light on things by telling people my journey."

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After coming under fire for the original post, Malakian responded: Let me try to explain one more time for those who just don’t get where I’m coming from on this Manson post.

The band's name has repeatedly been the subject of rumors pertaining to alleged hidden meanings. Among these rumors are claims that the name is an acronym for "Knights in Satan's Service", "Kinder SS", or "Kids in Satan's Service". Simmons has denied all of these claims. [12] [13]

Paul Stanley - Kiss: Paul StanleyPaul Stanley - Kiss: Paul StanleyPaul Stanley - Kiss: Paul StanleyPaul Stanley - Kiss: Paul Stanley

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