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Alias performed on hundreds of recordings and was perhaps best known for his associations with Miles Davis and saxophonist David Sanborn , though he also performed or recorded with the group Weather Report , singer Joni Mitchell , pianist Herbie Hancock , the Brecker Brothers , Jaco Pastorius , Pat Metheny , Nina Simone and many others. Alias was born in New York City and arrived in Boston in the early 1960s intending to study medicine but, after playing congas in a number of local bands, made an abrupt career switch.

surname, by 1319, variant of Wain , representing wainwright , wainer (see wain ) or perhaps "one who dwells by the tavern with the sign of the wain."

There are a variety of Modern Basses, for a lack of a better term.  These are basses that do not fit into any of the above classes.  These are usually quality instruments.  My example here is the Schecter Stilleto 5-string bass.  This has two active high impedance EMG pickups , with a neck thru the bass design.  The finger board is a 35 inch scale system, which gives a solid B string sound.  The on board electronics are wired as Volume (Neck Pickup), Volume (Bridge Pickup), Treble (Cut/Boost), and Bass (Cut/Boost).  Originally this bass came with S-Tek type bridges, but I changed it to the narrow Carvin Hipshot type, to gain an extra 1/16 inch at the bridge for string spacing, since I have large hands, I need all the space I can get. 

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He also said that Martineau was well advised to get clarification over the winding up, as his client was intent on winding up the company to avoid paying workers benefits entitled to them under retrenchment.

14. John Paul Jones
Though he was content to let his bandmates hog the spotlight during the band’s 1970s glory years, John Paul Jones helped make Led Zeppelin a sophisticated and powerful rock outfit with his string arrangements, multi-instrumentalist accompaniment, and classically trained flights of fancy on the band’s epic live versions of “No Quarter.” Still, the dude’s greatest contributions arguably center around his approach to the four-string. Witness the way he takes off on dexterous blues runs on “The Lemon Song,” or summons a beautifully intricate b-line to undergird “Ramble On.” And while some rock stars wither away after a while, Jones’ post-Zep run has been filled with surprises — his tricky turns with recent super-trio Them Crooked Vultures alone make clear that even after all these years, he can still shred with the younger bucks. — Peter Holslin 

Jaco Pastorius / Word Of Mouth Big Band - Invitation - Live In JapanJaco Pastorius / Word Of Mouth Big Band - Invitation - Live In JapanJaco Pastorius / Word Of Mouth Big Band - Invitation - Live In JapanJaco Pastorius / Word Of Mouth Big Band - Invitation - Live In Japan


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